Our Goal

ClickShieldFilter (CSF) protects demand partners from bots and fraudulent clicks by prescreening suspicious traffic and redirecting it before it reaches your site. CSF‘s unique approach leverages a multi-faceted proprietary technology including: intelligence databases, ad viewability verification, and dynamically adaptive algorithm scoring to identify non-human traffic. Additionally, CSF has incorporated 3rd party verification partners, a team of (human) data analysts, and fast dedicated severs to ensure your traffic is delivered “clean” with minimal latency.

CSF’s approach coupled with an unyielding commitment to mitigating the internet’s “bot problem” drives our ongoing process optimization which is a pivotal part of an evolving marketplace. CSF believes that through the joint effort of preemptive traffic filtration and feedback from its clients, demand partners etc, we have an effective “closed-loop” method of creating brand safety and quality traffic long term or all of your site’s needs.

The CSF Approach

Proprietary Technology

CSF vets every click against a set of 24 data filters including: intelligence databases, viewability metrics, device identity, browser tampering, bot detecting algorithms etc. If a click doesn’t fall within our standard range of acceptability it is redirected.

Third Party Vendors

To assist with our client’s Ad compliancy, we have integrated IAS, Forensiq, DoubleVerify, Comscore and MOAT integration to our data sets allowing your site to be in line with industry accepted standards for quality.

Data Analysts

Having the best technological tools doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t someone behind the machine to use them effectively. That is why we incorporate a team of data analysts to interpret data and provide a check against false positives.

Multiple Datacenters

That last cog in the machine for our approach is speed. Having all technology to bear doesn’t matter if the latency creates drop-off. That is why CSF has multiple datacenters across the US in securely facilities to ensure proper load balancing, redundancy and uptime.

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